Contact Lenses


Soft contact lenses
We fit and supply all the standard name brand soft contact lenses. Disposability ranges from daily to weekly, monthly and annually. Wearing time schedules range from daily to monthly.
Soft toric lenses
Most patients with astigmatism can now be fit with soft toric lenses.
Bifocal contact lenses
There are many brands on the market today but this category of product is still evolving. Many patients are very happy with their bifocal lenses but with all the patients who would like to be able to wear them, there is only about a 50 % success rate. The variability of success depends on how strong the reading prescription is and how dependent a patient is on binocular vision. Patients who have a dominant eye for distance vision and use the other eye for close vision do best with this type.
Hard contact lenses (rigid gas-permeable)
These are still a large part of the practice and quite often are used for specialty purposes. Patients with corneal scars, irregular astigmatism and keratoconus often benefit from this type. Many of these patients are co-managed with Dr. Sorbara (Associate professor at University of Waterloo).
Who can wear contact lenses?
We have infants and seniors wearing contact lenses. Depending on an individual's tolerance and the prescription required, we can fit almost anyone with contact lenses.