Eye Testing


How well do your eyes focus?
We use a variety of methods to measure the focusing ability of your eyes:

Refraction – traditional subjective measurement of prescription.
Auto-refraction – computer assisted objective measurement.
Corneal topography – analysis of the corneal shape and the effect on focus.
Spherical aberration measurement – from the object you are looking at, not all of the light entering your eye gets focussed at a single point. This is due to spherical aberration.

Usual tools

- Ophthalmoscope
- Biomicroscope
- Ocular pressure measurement
- Retinoscope

Specialized tests

Visual field analysis
Humphrey Field test. Glaucoma and other neurological conditions detected.

Digital imaging
Analysis of the retina and optic nerve using Nidek camera.
Enhances detection of glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetic complications and numerous other forms of eye disease.

Heidelberg laser scanning
Provides three dimensional imaging of the retina and optic nerve. Invaluable for glaucoma diagnosis and progression analysis. Enables detection of macular edema from diabetes, wet macular degeneration and other causes.

Ultrasound measurement of corneal thickness. Mandatory for pre-LASIK analysis.