PRK and LASIK Refractive Surgeries


PRK is the original form of laser refractive surgery and involves removing the front layer (epithelium) of the cornea and then using the laser to re-shape the cornea. LASIK technique involves making a flap within the front of the cornea and applying the laser deeper into the middle thickness of the cornea.

The flap originally was made with a blade, but is now more commonly made with the laser itself. Wavefront guided laser is used to enhance the creation of an ideal shape or curve of the cornea and maximize the optical quality of the visual system.

Who is a candidate?

The eye must be healthy and the prescription stable. Usually there needs to be a two year period without any prescription change and candidates are usually at least age twenty-one. The amount of prescription correction that can be achieved is dependent on the thickness and shape of the cornea. The usual range is between +3.00D and -10.00D, with up to 6.00D of corneal astigmatism, but the above still applies. You may have a prescription of only -3.00D but if the cornea is not thick enough, you will not be a candidate.

We perform all the pre-testing and all the follow-up care required. We can either provide a surgical referral or work with any ophthalmologist you choose.