Prescription Sunglasses


Predominantly prescription sunglasses are made with fashion in mind, but we also recognize they are designed for safety and we will address your specific needs.

We cater to a variety of sporting requirements such as golf, tennis, baseball, skiing, fishing and other water sports. We also carry a variety of styles for bicycling and motorbike riding.

Options for your lenses:

Breakability. If used for sports, polycarbonate lenses are recommended.
Colour. Colour required can vary dependent on how you use them and your personal preference.
UV filter. UV filter is standard on all sunglasses.
Polarized lenses. Polarized lenses cut reflected glare and are terrific around water and for driving into the sun.
Anti-reflection coating. Anti-reflection coating is usually applied to the back surface of the lens to enhance clarity of vision and minimize reflective glare off the lens surface.
Mirror coatings. Mirror coatings are not often used but, can be applied to the front surface of the lens to further minimize light transmission e.g. for winter expeditions especially at high altitude.


Most sunglasses are larger than regular glasses and many have a wrap-around contour to them. This can induce unwanted distortion and higher edge thickness.  We counter this by only using lenses and labs that can provide thinner materials and are capable of applying the prism required to minimize the distortion induced by the wrapping of the lenses. Some of the labs we use are Oakley, Maui Jim, Essilor and 7 Eye for motorbike lenses.